CCTV Craft


CCTV Craft 4.2.0 | Minecraft 1.16.5/1.17.1

Upcoming Changes

  • Added Chain Fence Gate blocks.
  • Added Oak Secure House structure.
  • Added tag "cctvcraft:chain_fence_gate".
  • Chain Fence Gates will now open and close on alternate sides.
  • Gates can be climbed when closed.

CCTV Craft 4.1.0 | Minecraft 1.16.5/1.17.1


  • Added "cctvcraft:recipe/dye/cyan" item tag.
  • Added "cctvcraft:recipe/gold_nugget" item tag.
  • Added Barbed Wire blocks.
  • Added Barbed Wire crafting recipe.
  • Added blood overlay.
  • Added Camera Name to the camera view overlay.
  • Added Chain Fence blocks.
  • Added Chain Fence crafting recipe.
  • Added crafting resource for cameras called "lense".
  • Added crafting resource for floppy disks called "magnetic coated disk".
  • Added crafting resource for monitors called "display".
  • Added Electric Chain Fence blocks.
  • Added Electric Chain Fence crafting recipe.
  • Added new camera name to the camera view overlay.
  • Added new camera numbers to the camera view overlay.
  • Added new range bars to the camera view overlay.
  • Added Permission Card for editing camera members and admins.
  • Added Permission Card crafting recipe.
  • Added Screwdriver crafting recipe.
  • Added Screwdriver tool for rotating some blocks.
  • Admin permissions are a list of people that can set permissions.
  • Camera Names now auto fill to the monitor when adding a remote floppy disk to the monitor.
  • Fences, Electric Fences, and Barbed Wire now have a chain placed sound when they are rotated.
  • If the block has no members anyone can use the block.
  • If the block has no admins anyone can set permissions for both admin and members.
  • It is now possible to rotate monitors and cameras with the screwdriver.
  • It is now possible to set admin and member permissions to cameras and monitors.
  • Maximum Camera distance can now be changed using Game Rules!
  • Member permissions are a list of people that can use the block.
  • Monitors and cameras now have a button sound when turning on/off the blocks.
  • Monitors and cameras now have a metal place sound when they are rotated.
  • Name USB menu text fields now get and fill the text field with the display name of the Name USB.
  • On/Off states for monitors and blocks now use strings.
  • Screwdrivers now have a sound when the tool breaks.
  • Fixed being able to view a camera that is outside of the view distance.
  • Fixed major issue with flickering overlays when camera was outside of rendering distance.
  • Fixed Name USB menu not closing when a name has been set.
  • Fixed Name USB menu opening when right-clicking on a camera.
  • Fixed range icons from not displaying.
  • Fixed zoom when switching between cameras.
  • Remote Floppy Disks may need to be relinked to cameras if you have downloaded 4.0.0.
  • Changes have been made to the linking system to make the system more stable.
  • Members support has been added and is early stages of development for a permission based system there may be some bugs still with it.

CCTV Craft 4.0.0 | Minecraft 1.16.5


  • 4.0.0 is a remake of CCTV Craft and no longer requires Pixelvar or MMP UUID mods to work properly.
  • Added a creative tab for CCTV Craft.
  • Added a recipe unlocking system so players can unlock recipes once they have a item in their inventories.
  • Added all cameras, monitor, floppy disks, and usbs to the creative tab.
  • Added based overlay for the camera view mode.
  • Added both item and block tags for all blocks.
  • Added Camera Block blocks.
  • Added Ceiling Camera blocks.
  • Added crafting recipes for Naming USB, Remote Floppy Disk, All Cameras, and the Monitor.
  • Added key binds for zooming in and out when viewing cameras. Default is "W" for zooming in and "S" for zooming out.
  • Added key binds for cycling between cameras when viewing cameras. Default is "A" for pervious and "D" for next.
  • Added key binds for changing mods when viewing cameras. Default is "M".
  • Added key binds for exiting camera view mode. Default mode is "X".
  • Added Monitor blocks.
  • Added Monitor GUI screens (Main Menu, Connections, Naming)
  • Added Name USB GUI screen.
  • Added Name USB item.
  • Added night vision overlay for when night-vision mode is active.
  • Added on/off states for all blocks, they can be toggled by Sneaking + Right-clicking the block.
  • Added Small Camera blocks.
  • Added support for viewing cameras
  • Added support for keeping track of who places blocks using the NBT variable "Owner" and the players display name.
  • Added vignette overlay based on the distance of the connected camera.
  • Cameras and monitors can now be toggled on/off.
  • Cameras do not work if they are in the off state.
  • Cameras now have view positions.
  • Camera slots can be named but do not hold any particular use at this point in time.
  • Name USB can set names to camera that will mask the Remote Floppy Disk display name for the camera when linked.
  • Recipe crafting items now use tags.
  • Remote Floppy Disks can be added to monitors by right-clicking with the item in the main hand on the monitor.
  • Remote Floppy Disks can be right-clicked on cameras to store the cameras data and position so that it can be linked to the monitor.
  • The base overlay is now animated.
  • Fixed a crash when a monitor was exploded when the player was viewing the camera causing the player to not be able to rejoin the world.
  • Fixed night vision mode flickering due to a potion duration issue.

CCTV Craft 3.0.0 | Minecraft 1.14.4/1.15.2


  • Added Action Floppy (used to do tasks such as remove the block.)
  • Added recipes and advancements.
  • Added Remote Floppy (used for an easy way to link cameras to monitors)
  • Added Security Floppy (used to manage permissions for the device)
  • Added three types of cameras and one type of monitor.
  • Cameras can be linked to monitors.
  • Monitors allow for the viewing of cameras.