CCTV Craft



Getting Close to 4.1 Release

April 6th, 2022

Many bugs have been fixed in the next update however, I have found a few more that needs to be fixed. At the moment cameras can be viewed if outside of the range for connection this will be my next bug to attack. After that I have another bug that needs to be worked on being that night vision mode does not currently work for some reason. Lastly I need to finish adding barbed wire to the mod this should not take to long to finish adding.

I am not going to add landmines in this update I will wait to add them until the next update, mainly due to how long it has taken to fix that major view mode bug. I am also working on a small feature for 4.1 membership system, this is in early development and should mostly be done however I will need to do some testing in 4.2. Also cameras now need to be turned on in order to be viewed, this is both logical and will lay the path towards Jammers latter on in th 4.2.